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A little about myself...

I was born on September 28th 1979. My Family is huge thanks to the fact

that my dad was born into a family of eleven. As well, my mom has a

brother and a sister of her own. I have two brothers (both of which are

bigger and stronger than me) and many pets. I love sarcasm, cows, fish,

turtles, and anything Disney. One day I hope to be a dairy or

goat farmer unless university leads me towards a slightly more exciting

and rewarding career.



My first picture as a not

so talented figure skater.







My cow collection grows at an alarming

rate. One day I will own real ones

on my dairy farm.








Ariel... my heroine, my idol, and one

day to be the name of my first born





My high school rowing team.

Left to right: Lindsey, Taylor, Bonnie, Emily, Cammie, Brooke, Meredith, me, Michelle