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My Dad's side of the family

(10 years ago)

at our reunion in B.C.







My big brother Shane,

my not so big brother

Derek and myself.





Myself and my brothers

when we were just little








Mike, my best friend

and boyfriend...trying

to look all GQ.






My closest friends who

are always there when

I need them.


Left to right: Michelle, Jodi, Silvina, Me, Sara, Lisa, Asma, Zahra and Monica.













My good friends (left to right) Zahra, Pratiksha and Cheryl with me

at Tim Hortons, where we spent the better part of our days on the UW campus.

Medium, milk and 2 sugars please...



This is my bear that I

bring everywhere with me, even

at the age of 24. His name

is Patches.