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The Onion
The Onion - America's "finest" news source.
Disney, need I say more?
The Dead Milkmen
The Dead Milkmen - offensive music worth listening to.
Michael Moore
Saving America, one Oscar acceptance speech at a time.
I can pretty much guarantee you've never seen anything quite like this before.
Sesame street
Slimey will take you to Sesame street.
Backstreet Boys
Got milk? Where's YOUR mustache? Check out all your favourite stars.
Tom Green
Tom Green, he used to live down the street from me.
The people who made my car (which looks like this).
Mc Donalds
Ronald, he's so gay (I mean gay as in happy).
Planning a trip? Creston is the place to be.
One hit wonders? I think not.
Ah Yes, The Spice Girls.
If you haven't seen Ever After yet, it's way past time. I invite you to meet the starring actress of my favourite movie.
The newest sensations including my personal favourite, Tinky Winky.
Check out some of Nintendo's most famous characters. Gotta catch em all!
There Will Be More Links and Updates Coming Really Soon.